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版畫尺寸:380mm x 270mm

框裱後尺寸:58cm x 44cm


版種與技法:膠版、凸版 (X3),一版多色套印之絕版版畫。



Title: Hope

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Media: Oil-based ink, Acid-free paper

Size: 380mm x 270mm

Number of prints: 20

Technique: Letterpress, Linocut , (X3). It is the out of print work that use multicolor overprint in one board.

Year: 2021


庫存單位: 幅
稅金  未含
  • 2021年在華人的生肖上是牛年,干支纪年上來到了辛丑年。天干的辛為金,故也稱為金牛年。今年結合著牛的特質則有著勤奮、溫和與力量的希望象徵。


    2021 is the year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac. It came to the Xin-Chou year of the " heavenly stems and earthly branches " and the Xin of heavenly stems is a symbol in golden, so it is also called this year the Golden Ox year. This year combined with the characteristics of the buffalo is a hopeful symbol of diligence, gentleness and strength.

    The first sentence of 2021 described in the ancient "Earth Mother Sutra" indicates that the disease will slowly disappear this year. After the world has experienced the COVID-19 virus outbreak in 2020, at the beginning of 2021, the buffaloes resting under the moonlight in the lake are ready to lead the 12 zodiac signs towards the hopeful 2021.

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